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Parasound Zbreeze
The Zbreeze - Cooling Fan is designed to prevent stagnant hot air around nearby heat-producing components, drawing hot air away from a heat-producing component, and into the rack’s general circulating air. It is not intended to exhaust hot air from an entire rack or compartment full of equipment and should not be employed as a substitute for general rack or cabinet forced air circulation. Temperatures can increase to dangerous levels around closely-spaced components where local pockets of stagnant hot air are not exhausted by the overall air circulation in an equipment rack or compartment.

Three large fans, ball bearing construction for long life
Two Turn Off Modes, instant turn off or 10 minute delayed turn off
Three user-selectable fan speeds
High air flow, greater than 90 cubic feet / minute at max speed
Three auto turn on modes, 12 Volt DC trigger, 120V AC or front panel button
Auto turn on mode disables front panel power button
Extra-quiet design, less than 33 dB noise
Switchable 115v / 230v operation
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€ 259