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Parasound Ztuner v.2
The Ztuner - FM/AM Tuner receives even the most remote stations clean and clear without taking up much space. Whether you are using one Ztuner or up to four, a single remote is all you need. For a mini system or the most elaborate home theater system, the Ztuner is the perfect choice.

Automatic, manual, and preset tuning
Two-way RS-232 serial port connection
Direct frequency access via remote and RS-232
Thirty station presets, switchable to eight for quicker scrolling
Forced Mono operation for mono zones
Remote handset assignable up to four different zones
Automatic on/off by 9 - 12 V trigger, with looping output
Fully remote controlled with discrete on/off commands
Rear panel infrared remote input and looping output
Gold-plated RCA output jacks
Multi-region European operation
Voltage switchable between 115v and 230v
Unique half-rack width chassis; 1 rack space high
Fastening hardware available for rack mounting
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€ 495