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Parasound Halo CD1
The Parasound CD 1 is the ultimate instrument for playing CDs and CD-Rs.

The CD 1 frees CDs from CD player technology that dates back to 1980. The result is a significant sonic improvement in CD playback.

CD drives read CD data only once and bit data is sent out at the same rate as the CD is read, 1:1. CD drives do not have the time, computing power or software to perform all of the calculations necessary to locate and correct bit read errors. To hide missing bits they can only estimate the value that the missing bits could be. When there are two or more bit errors a CD drive reverts to its “error concealment mode.” This sweeps bit errors under the carpet, creating distortion and when a CD drive struggles unsuccessfully to hide bit errors in the limited time available for its data processing you will hear a “click.” The “click” is rarely a flaw in the CD. Rather, it results from the technology limitations; even the most expensive CD players suffer from the same limitations.

The CD 1 does not suffer from these limitations because it uses a CD ROM drive instead of a CD drive. CD ROM drives are a newer and superior technology; with three levels of error calculation they are far better at reading CD data. The CD 1 uses its CD ROM drive in a unique way. The CD 1 CD ROM drive was selected for the lowest number of read errors. Its Intel computer runs Linux with Holm’s proprietary software. Without Windows® or superfluous software there won’t be any “blue screen of death” crashes.
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€ 5995
Parasound Zcd
The Zcd is an ultra-compact CD player that also plays MP3s from a CD-R or a USB flash drive. Its analog volume control enables you to combine the Zcd with our Zamp v.3 power amplifier for a truly high end compact stereo system without 
a separate preamp. Its composite video output lets you view and select MP3 files. For ease of integration the Zcd has simultaneous fixed and variable level analog outputs plus a line level stereo input jack for an MP3 player or smartphone.

Plays MP3s from a CD-R or USB flash drive
Analog volume control for direct hookup to a power amp
Composite video output to view MP3 files
Optical and Coaxial digital outputs
Simultaneous fixed and variable level analog outputs
Rear panel 3.5mm stereo input for portable MP3 player or smartphone
Three turn on options (manual, 12V trigger, AC)
12 Volt trigger output for turning on a power amp
Remote control included
Rear panel IR input and RS232 serial port
Unique half-rack width chassis; 1 rack space high

Ook als niet rack in zilver
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€ 495