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Desktop Audio Systemen - Yamaha
Yamaha PDX-11

Feel the force in every beat.

Rev up your life with a revolutionary speaker dock!
Built to last. Raring to go.
And always ready to rock!

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€ 79
Yamaha PDX-13

Add a Little Spice to Life.

With its small footprint and spirited attitude,
this chic audio unit enlivens both your music and your home.

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€ 85
Yamaha PDX-31

The best place to park your iPod at home.

The PDX-31 is an easy and convenient place to park your iPod or iPhone when you're home. Great sound, simple operation with sleek styling.

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€ 99
Yamaha PDX-B11

Let the good times roll.

Cut loose with a wireless speaker that is truly built for the road.
At the beach or in your own backyard, bringing along music to share has never been so fun.

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€ 139
Yamaha Restio ISX-800

Music eases your day.

Rest after your day with a new style audio.
It’s Entertaining.
Relaxing in the evening, invigorating in the morning.
With sophisticated styling and superb sound,
its an endlessly enchanting companion.

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€ 489
Yamaha Restio ISX-B820

Free to move, Free to dance.

Rest after your day with a new style audio.
Entertaining and energising,
it's an endlessly enchanting companion.
Bluetooth compatibility makes operation
and placement smartly convenient.
Stylish and wireless — the new Restio.

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€ 559
Yamaha YPX-500

Boost your excitement .

Give your favorite digital gear the exciting sound it deserves.
Great for TV, PC, tablet or smartphone. You'll enjoy the unique design and handy features!

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€ 99