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Perreaux Audiant DP32 - DACs
€ 2699
The Audiant DP32 is a USB DAC preamplifier equipped with a 32-bit digital to analogue converter (DAC), fully balanced analogue audio circuits and ample input options – featuring AES/EBU digital input and balanced XLR analogue input along with asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB audio streaming.From its sleek, modern appearance to its transparent, extended, and engaging sonic presentation; the Audiant DP32 preamp is simply captivating. The sound is spacious and focused, resolving so much information but without brightness, grain or artefact. The Audiant DP32 USB DAC preamplifier is the perfect partner for the Audiant 100p stereo power amplifier. Whether as part of a complete Audiant system, or as the DAC preamp in your existing system – the DP32 will reconnect you with the MUSIC.

High resolution accuracy.
ESS Technology's 32-bit Sabre³² DAC with patented Hyperstream™ DAC architecture and Jitter Eliminator provides accurate sound reproduction.

Low jitter. Perfect timing.
Two stages of jitter reduction in the digital audio stream keep jitter to a minimum ensuring the delivery of your music is timed to perfection.

Pure. Emotion.
Ultra-low distortion provides transparent, detailed and accurate sound reproduction which captures the heart, soul and emotion of music.

Tonally correct.
The audio circuit has no capacitors in the signal path to introduce phase shift to the analgue signal – ensuring your music retains its purity and intended tonal balance.

Asynchronous. Detail. Transparency.
The asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB input allows the superior detail, dynamics and transparency of high definition music to be fully experienced.

Brings music to life.
The fully balanced audio signal allows true 24-bit dynamic range and retains the liveliness and sparkle of your music – bringing it to life.

Isolated digital inputs.
Electrically isolated digital inputs assure no ground loops and stop the power supply noise in source components from degrading the sound quality.

Clean. Noise-free.
Digital signals are kept clean and noise-free by discrete shunt regulators with high noise rejection, reducing jitter and allowing your music to shine.

More features
• Dimmable display
• Trigger output
• Touch panel interface
• Home theatre bypass
• Full function remote control
• Fixed or variable preouts
Digital Audio Section
• Digital Inputs: 1 USB (asynchronous 24/192), 1 AES/EBU (XLR), 2 Coaxial (RCA), 2 Optical (Toslink)
• Digital Input Impedance: 110Ω AES/EBU, 75Ω Coaxial
• Digital to Analogue Converter: ESS Technology Sabre³² Reference ES9018 32-bit DAC
• Input Word Length (maximum): 32-bit (AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical), 24-bit (USB)
• Input Sample Rate (maximum): 192kHz (all inputs)
• DAC Output Voltage: 2.0Vrms @ 0dBFS

Preamplifier Section
• Analogue Inputs: 1 Balanced/Unbalanced (selectable), 1 Unbalanced Line/Home Theatre (selectable)
• Analogue Input Impedance: Balanced 20kΩ, Unbalanced 47kΩ
• Analogue Pre Outputs: 1 Balanced (XLR), 1 Unbalanced (RCA)
• Analogue Line Outputs: 1 Unbalanced (RCA)
• Volume Control Bypass: Yes (selectable)
• Volume Control Range: -100.0dB to +6.0dB
• Maximum Output Voltage: Balanced XLR 16.0Vrms, Unbalanced RCA 8.0Vrms
• Analogue Output Impedance: Balanced XLR 100Ω, Unbalanced RCA 50Ω
• Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N): Typically 0.0005% @ 1kHz,  20Hz to 20kHz better than 0.001%
• Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.05dB
• Signal to Noise: 140dB, ref. 2Vrms (unweighted)
• Dynamic Range: 140dB @ -60dB, ref. 2Vrms (unweighted)
• Channel Separation: 20Hz to 20kHz better than 115dB, ref. 2Vrms

• Dimensions:
• Width 431mm (17.0")
• Depth 305mm (12.0")
• Height 67mm (2.6")
• Weight: 8.0kg (17.6lb)