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Perreaux Audiant 100P - Eindversterker
€ 2499
The Audiant 100p is a no compromise 100W stereo power amplifier with balanced input and combines form and function to create a hugely satisfying amplifier. The MOSFET output transistors and high-current power supply give a potent, dynamic and sophisticated sonic signature; continuing the tradition of previous Perreaux pieces – engaging, purposeful and controlled. With 100W power output per channel, fully balanced input circuitry, shunt voltage regulation and power supply filtering; it is amazing what advancements are made in the level of transparency, detail and dynamics. The Audiant 100p stereo power amplifier raises the bar on what is possible in this category. The Audiant 100p stereo power amplifier is the perfect partner for the Audiant DP32 USB DAC preamplifier. Whether as part of a complete Audiant system, or as the power amplifier in your existing system – the 100p will reconnect you with the MUSIC.

Powerful. Effortless delivery
The custom transformer and high-current power supply allows dynamic music to sound natural, spacious and free from compression.

Depth and space
Filtered power supplies isolate the input and voltage stages from noise of the output stage bringing depth and a sense of space to your music.

Monocoque stability
The CNC machined aluminum monocoque cover is stunning and provides unprecedented mechanical stability while serving as a substantial heat sink.

Pure. Emotion
Low distortion provides transparent, detailed and accurate sound reproduction which captures the heart, soul and emotion of music.

Musical. Reliable
High power MOSFET transistors from Toshiba provide a musical valve-like sound and retain the reliability, durability and consistency of solid state.

Audio-grade. Naturally
The audio-grade capacitors have been meticulously selected to give a natural and open sound that is highly detailed without grain or harshness.

Enjoyment for life
Sophisticated protection circuitry gives confidence and reassurance that your investment will provide a lifetime of trouble-free enjoyment.

Dynamic. Explosive sound
The fully balanced audio signal makes dynamic musical transients explode from the quiet and noise-free musical background – your music will never sound so alive.


More Features
• Touch panel interface
• Low-noise discrete shunt regulators
• Trigger input
• High dynamic range


Amplifier Section
• Line Inputs: 1 Balanced (XLR), 1 Unbalanced (RCA)
• Input Impedance: Balanced 20kΩ, Unbalanced 47kΩ
• Power Output: 100W into 8Ω, 145W into 4Ω
• Input Sensitivity: Balanced 1.0Vrms, Unbalanced 0.5Vrms
• Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N): Typically 0.001% @ 1kHz, 20Hz to 20kHz less than 0.02%
• Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.1dB, ref. 8Ω
• Signal to Noise: 120dB, ref. 100W into 8Ω (unweighted)
• Dynamic Range: 120dB @ -60dB, ref. 100W into 8Ω (unweighted)
• Channel Separation:
  Typically 100dB @ 1kHZ, ref. 100W into 8Ω
  20Hz to 20kHz better than 90dB, ref. 100W into 8Ω
• Damping Factor: 400 @ 1kHz, ref. 8Ω
• Amplifier Gain: Balanced 29.1dB, Unbalanced 35.1dB
• Shunt Voltage Regulators: Yes
• Power Supply Filtering: Yes
• 12V Trigger Input: Yes
• Protection Circuitry: Yes
• Audio-Grade Signal Capacitors: Yes General
• Power Consumption: Standby <1W, Idle 60W, Maximum (145W into 4Ω) 670W
• Dimensions: Width 431mm (17.0"), Depth 309mm (12.2"), Height 67mm (2.6")
• Weight: 12.0kg (26.4lb)