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ATC SCM20P SL Classic - Boekenplak Speakers
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The hybrid design incorporates a 150mm bass cone on to which is grafted a 75mm soft dome. The magnet assembly utilises ATC's unique "SL" technology which greatly reduces distortion in moving coil drive units by a very significant 12-15dB (3rd harmonic). To minimise Time Domain Distortion both dome and cone are made from acoustically "dead" polyester wave material doped with ATC's own formulation. Not only does the SCM20SL reproduce bass with remarkable articulation and authority, it also has outstanding mid-band clarity, incredible dynamic range, and awesome power handling. Drivers: HF 25mm, Mid 75mm, LF 150mm Frequency Response -6dB: 60Hz – 20kHz Matched Response: ±0.5dB Dispersion: ±80° Coherent Horizontal ±10° Coherent Vertical Max SPL: 108dB Crossover Frequency: 2.8kHz Input Connector: Bi-wire posts Recommended Amplifier Power (see ATC SIA2-150): 50-300 Watts Cabinet Dimensions(HxWxD): 440x239x333mm Weight: 22.7kg