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Netfilters/Netkabels enz
Qube 3 - ISOL-8
€ 2995,00

De Isol-8 netfilters zijn ontworpen voor zowel de consumenten als wel de professionele gebruiker.
Oprichter en ontwerper Nic Poulson staat natuurlijk garant voor de uitstekende kwaliteit en afwerking.

Nic Poulson
We use the finest materials and highest standards of build you can find in the market place today. All our custom wound components are carefully designed and manufactured to provide outstanding performance in mains power applications. Nic Poulson is the designer of all Isol-8 products. An inventive, accomplished designer in fields as diverse as thermonic valve amplification and international airport runway lighting systems, his drive to tackle the huge problem of compromised power supply led to founding Isotek in the late nineties. With many award winning products to his credit, he is now the creative force behind Isol-8. His new generation of innovative designs are being greeted with universal acclaim.

Number of available outlets: 2
Type of outlets available: 13A UK or Schuko
Mains Inlet: 32A latching Neutrik
Dimensions: W: 275mm
H: 265mm (plus 35mm for feet)
D: 265mm (plus connectors)
Weight: 21 Kg
Construction: Stainless steel chassis with four
Titanium finish aluminium panels.
Mains Voltage: 200-260VAC
Maximum continuous Current: 20 Amps RMS
Protection: Rear panel circuit breaker