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Creek Wyndsor - Platenspeler
€ 2799
Platenspeler, volledige in-house ontwikkeling
Wordt geleverd zonder toonarm
Externe voeding met snelheidsregeling
Acryl plateau en behuizing
Clamp met ingebouwd waterpasje
Afmetingen(BxHxD): 480 x 132 x 345 mm
Uitvoering in zwart
Mike Creek has long held the view that vinyl disc reproduction is important to hi-fi reproduction and has always produced amplifiers with the optional capability to replay this format. Since 1993, Creek Audio has also produced a range of affordable, stand-alone, OBH-Phono Stages that can extract high-quality signals from vinyl discs and relay them as line level signal to use with regular amplifiers, of any make. It is therefore logical that Creek Audio should develop a turntable to add to their range of analogue products that would create a further step towards a complete one-brand system for the user.

During the autumn of 2007 Mike Creek sharpened his pencil and drew the first concept sketch of a turntable that would initially suit his own personal requirements, but eventually would meet the requirements of a number of Creek international customers. Based upon solid engineering practice and using high quality materials, the concept became a reality after all the parts were modelled in a 3D software program, allowing a three dimensional view of the product, long before the first piece of metal or acrylic was cut.

Cosmetically, the Wyndsor Turntable uses some component parts already used in the Creek AR4 equipment rack. The adjustable feet and damping rings are identical to the AR4. The adjustable speed controller is made to match the Destiny range.

The Wyndsor turntable is supplied with a custom made Creek OEM300 arm. This has been made especially for Creek by Rega Research. Should a different arm be desired at any time, the turntable's versatility allows certain other arms to be fitted, depending on fixing requirements. The diameter of the standard arm boss is 23mm. However, two alternative sizes (24mm and 25mm) are included in the flight-case pack. The black acrylic base is fitted with three adjustable silver feet and spikes. The semi-transparent acrylic platter is driven by three silicon belts. The bearing is an inverted ball resting on a ceramic spindle, with oil-impregnated bronze bush.

A separate LP1 speed controller is supplied allowing you to switch to either 33.3 or 45 rpm and adjust the pitch. The case is made from custom extruded aluminium parts and is finished to look like a small Destiny amplifier. A 12” stroboscopic disc is included to assist in setting the correct rotational speed. There is a switch on the turntable motor which can override the speed controller. In addition, a heavy clamp is provided which should be placed on top of the spindle to help flatten the record and stop resonances or vibration from affecting its performance.

It will be necessary to plug the RCA plugs from the tone-arm into an appropriate amplifier fitted with a Phono pre-amp, set for either MM or MC cartridge matching. Creek Audio manufactures both moving magnet and moving coil Phono pre-amplifiers.
The Wyndsor turntable is supplied in a large metal flight case, which can be stored and used again.

In honour of his father’s electronics business, where Mike served his apprenticeship from 1970-1975, the turntable reflects the family business name, Wyndsor Recording Company Ltd. Bob Creek, Mike’s father, manufactured reel-to-reel tape recorders in London from 1948-1970 and, among other consumer products, turntables from 1970-1978.
Base: 25mm gloss black acrylic
Platter: 35mm semi-clear acrylic
Bearing:  Inverted ball and ceramic spindle with oiled bronze bushing in aluminium housing
Feet: 3 adjustable, machined aluminium cones, with steel spike and disc cup
Motor: Separately housed low-voltage AC motor from Czech SMR300-100, with on/off switch
Pulley: Clear acrylic 3 step pulley and 3 point fixing to motor spindle
Drive belt: Up to 3 silicon-rubber belts can be used with spares included
Arm base: Adjustable VTA arm base fitted with 23mm boss for OEM300 arm supplied
Arm boss: 2 alternative sizes of boss supplied (22 and 24mm)
Tone arm: Custom made OEM300, supplied by Rega Research
Counterweight: Stainless steel as standard, suitable for cartridges weighing up to 13 grams
Cartridge: Not supplied. MM or MC types can be used
Platter weight: A separate aluminium weight, including spirit level, rests on the disc to flatten it
Power Supply: Creek OBH-Uni. Universal 85-265V mains power supply. 24V DC output, 16W